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What is Wenshan Baozhong Tea?

If you like Taiwanese oolongs, you'll love Wenshan Baozhong. But what is it? What does its name mean? How is it made? Read on to find out.

What is Longjing tea?

Probably the most famous Chinese green tea - but why is it so famous? What makes it so good? What's the best way to brew it? Read on to find...

How to travel with tea

Take your own favourite leaves wherever you go! Here are our tips from our years of travelling with tea.

4 easy ways to brew tea at home

Tea helps us stay healthy and happy when stuck at home. Here are some easy (and lazy) ways to brew tea at home: with a gaiwan, teapot, cup and drinking glass. Cheers!

Tea as a self care ritual

Turn your daily cuppa into a self care ritual with these simple steps. Whether its 10 mins or 2 hours, it's important to take extra care of yourself in these...

Tea 101: All about green tea

What is green tea? What types of green tea are there? What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese green teas? How do you brew green tea? Read on for...

Tea 101: All about white tea

What is white tea? Where did it come from? How is it processed? What are the main types of white tea? How should white tea be brewed? Read on to find...

Tea 101: All about Puerh tea

There’s nothing like a warm pot of silky ripe Puerh after a heavy meal or a long day. As well as being a probiotic digestive aid, it has a grounding,...

Tea 101: All about oolong tea

What is oolong tea? How is it made? What types of oolong are there? What's the best way to brew oolong teas? Read on for answers.


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