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NEW: Moroccan Mint Tea

We're thrilled to announce our brand new Moroccan Mint Tea is here, and it's different to any other mint tea you've had!

We've included it as part of our Christmas Carol Tea Gift Set, which includes three festive teas for winter. 

Christmas Carol Tea Gift Set | Gifts for tea people

What is Moroccan mint tea?

Moroccan mint tea is a blend of gunpowder green tea and dried spearmint leaves. It is traditionally served in small tea glasses with sugar and fresh mint leaves. 

Sweet and refreshing, you can find it all over Northern Africa as a staple on cafe and restaurant menus and it is often the first thing you are offered as a guest in someone's home - a symbol of warm hospitality.

Moroccan Mint Tea | Plantation by teakha

Our version of Moroccan mint tea is sugar free!

With traditional Moroccan mint tea blends, sugar is necessary because gunpowder green tea quickly gets bitter. Plus, the tea is not strained quickly - it is usually left to steep in the teapot for a long time. 

We've created our own proprietary blend of Moroccan mint tea that uses Orchid Tieguanyin oolong tea as the base, instead of gunpowder green tea. It's also a whole leaf tea, which releases its flavour in a slower, smoother way.

This lightly-oxidised oolong tea has a naturally floral aroma and a thick, creamy texture. It gives our Moroccan Mint tea a much rounder flavour with all the freshness of mint and none of the bitterness of green tea. 

Cheers to sugar-free tea!

 Sugar-free Moroccan Mint Tea | Plantation by teakha

How to make Moroccan mint tea at home

In a teapot

Add 10g of tea per 500ml of 90°C water and steep for 3 minutes.

Keep topping up the water until the flavour runs out!

In a gaiwan

Add 6g of tea per 100ml of 90°C water and steep for 1 minute. 

You can re-brew the leaves at least 5 times. 


The ultimate Christmas gift for tea people 

Our Christmas Carol Tea Gift Set is here! In addition to our Moroccan Mint, it features two other festive teas:

  • Merry Masala: a twist on our classic Chai, with a warming mix of Keralan spices topped with highlights of orange peel. ​​​​​​​​
  • Mulled Roselle: our non-alcoholic version of mulled wine with nourishing roselle flowers and all the best Christmas spices​​​​​​​​. 

Order yours today!


Three festive teas for christmas | Christmas Carol Tea Gift Set


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