PLANTATION by teakha is a craft tea company with a mission to share the wisdom and heritage of tea-drinking through friendly, modern & beautiful means.

We source loose leaf teas and teaware directly with the makers at origin. Each grower or maker has a story, an artisanal skill steeped often in generations of history and decades of hard work. We collect these stories and invite you to share in the intricacies of these tales through beautiful, contemporary yet friendly means, because tea should be easy and part of our daily lives.  


“Small batch, simple, beautiful”

Teas are a rare and beautiful thing. To this day it never ceases to amaze us how tea production in most parts of the world are still conducted entirely by hand, from tea-picking to wilting, frying, rolling and roasting. So much hard work goes into producing each drop of golden liquor in your cup, we feel that it is only right for the makers’ stories to be told, and for our customers to know what the unadulterated taste of loose-leaf teas from a single region tastes like. As such, all of our teas are identified by cultivar, region, harvest, and altitude. 

Plantation by teakha teas come from Taiwan, China, India and Japan. Our selection criteria is simple – “teas that we love”, and we choose only the teas that excite us and remind us of why we fell in love with tea in the first place. Sometimes traditional, sometimes rare and occasionally blended yet always from small family farms with the heart and patience to care for these delicate plants and to create a taste that is unique as it is authentic.


“Tea-drinking should be easy and part of our daily lives.”

We believe that the vessel in which teas is served is equally as important as the tea itself and has the capacity to change the tea drinking experience completely. It also has the capacity to turn an otherwise arduous task into an enjoyable, simple one.

This is the goal at which we set out to source our teaware – friendly, simple designs that can be used every day. They come from local craftsmen from China, Taiwan, or Japan, each piece made individually by hand and representing a timeless Asian style of imperfection that is yet relevant in today’s fast-moving world.  

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