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Sustainable Tea

At Plantation, we're committed to protecting the environment in the way we source, package, brew and dispose of our tea leaves. Here are some of the ways we prioritise the planet:

Small batch tea

We source our teas from small family farms around Asia, many of whom still make tea almost entirely by hand.

Not only do small farms allow for more biodiversity, they sustain the livelihoods of the community around them.

Why small batch tea

Bag-free tea

We sell loose leaf tea only:

  • To reduce waste. The average person gets through 1,460 bags a year, which all go to landfill.
  • To protect our health. Studies show the average teabag releases billions of microparticles of plastic into your cup of tea.
  • To ensure better flavours. Whole leaf tea tastes better than crushed tea.
Whole leaf vs teabag tea

Recyclable packaging

Our new canisters are made from sustainably sourced paper and are fully recyclable. Our tins are designed to be easy to re-use and recycle: simply peel off the label and add them to the tin section of your recycling service.

About our new packaging

Composting tea leaves

Tea leaves are great for composting, due to their high nitrogen content. We donate our used and expired tea leaves to ISF Academy's composting project, which uses "The Rocket" to turn food waste into compost for the school gardens.

Fueling the Compost Rocket

Office recycling

We hired Sou Sou Plastic Recycling Service to teach our team what can be recycled in Hong Kong and how. Every week, they collect our recycling and take it directly to a recycling plant, to ensure it avoids landfill.

More about Sou Sou


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