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All New Packaging To Celebrate the Natural Beauty of Tea

We are thrilled to announce that our ALL NEW tea canisters and tins are here!

New tea canisters and tins recyclable

We have been working on them for what seems like decades, pouring our effort and attention over every detail to make sure they fulfill our mission: to celebrate the natural beauty of tea. 

And today, they are ready to go out into the world at last (*stifled sob). 

What to adopt some? Shop our canisters here.

Our new tea product collection: celebrating the natural beauty of tea

Tea is beautiful. From the soft new leaves in the field, to the hands that process it; from the teaware designed to brew it, to the aromas and flavours it exudes: there is beauty in every step. And everything we do as a brand is to celebrate and share that beauty. 

New tea canisters and tins recyclable

Our canisters and tins bring this to life in a new way. They are special in many ways, but we'll restrain ourselves to just 3 main reasons to love them:

1. Natural tea-dye artwork

We commissioned plant-dye artist Anna Cennamo to create a series of artwork using tea dyes, which we have featured here on our new canisters and tins.

When you look closely, the layers of colours seem to illustrate the layers of flavour that unfold with every infusion, with imageries that resemble undulating mountains in the distant mist. 

Tea-dye artwork new tea canisters

Each canister & tin has a colour consistent with the category of tea it holds: 

  • White canisters for white teas
  • Green for green teas
  • Beige for oolong teas
  • Burnt orange for black teas
  • Brown for Puerh teas
  • Pink for herbal tea

See our new tins here.

New tea tins reusable recyclable

2. Ideal storage conditions for tea

Tea stays fresher for longer when stored away from direct sunlight and away from strong odours (i.e. don't store tea in the kitchen!)

Our canisters are cleverly designed to push the air out when you close them for a more airtight environment - and they look beautiful on any shelf in the house!

tea canister airtight recyclable paper

3. Recyclable

Tea Canisters

We worked with a factory in Taiwan to produce these canisters to a higher standard of sustainability.

The canisters are made using sustainably sourced paper, with a texture that evokes the natural environment in which tea is grown. To recycle them, simply peel off the stickers and place them in the cardboard section of your recycling service. 

Better yet, you can keep them and refill them with more tea to reduce waste!

Browse our canister collection

 New tea canisters recyclable

Tea Tins

Our tins are also easy to refill, reuse and recycle. If you'd like to recycle them, simply peel off the stickers and put them in the tin section of your recycling service. 

If you'd like help with recycling your household or office goods in Hong Kong, we highly recommend Sou Sou Recycling - they include an educational workshop in their service. 

Browse our tin collection

 New tea tins reusable recyclable

Bonus: Making quality tea more accessible

Even though tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water, the best teas are still relatively unknown outside their origin countries. 

By making these teas available online, we hope to infuse more joy and pleasure in the lives of people all around the world with these amazing flavours.

We've also included helpful information on the origin and processing of the tea on our new packaging, to connect you, the tea drinker, with the places and people behind the scenes, so you can make more discerning choices. 

 Osmanthus oolong tea canister tin



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