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Shop our Holiday Gift Collection

Festive teas like Masala Chai and Mulled Roselle are the perfect gift for the holidays.


Taiwanese Oolong Tasting Menu

A celebration of the creamy textures and floral aromas of Taiwan's famous oolongs. Now available to book at Plantation Tea Bar


Dancong Tasting Menu

A guided tasting menu featuring Phoenix Dancong teas from Chaozhou, available only at Plantation Tea Bar

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Meet Our Tea Cocktails

Served at Plantation Tea Bar, Wed-Sun 6pm-12am. No reservation required.

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Plantation Tea Bar

Visit us at 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan, Wed-Sun 12pm-12am.

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Join our teaCLUB

A new tasting experience delivered to your door every month.

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Meet our teas

Small batch, true, beautiful

We source prized teas in small batches from family farms in Taiwan, China, Japan and India. Some are famous classics, others are rare finds, and all are made with skill, patience and heart.

Meet the farmers

We believe you can’t truly appreciate a tea without understanding the culture and stories of the people who make it.

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Join our teaCLUB

Discover the beautiful world of tea with a new tea tasting experience delivered every month, curated by our founder Nana Chan. A great way to develop your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of tea.

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Explore our teaware

We believe that the vessel in which tea is served can change the tea-drinking experience completely. It has the ability to turn an otherwise routine task into an exquisitely enjoyable one.

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Visit Plantation Tea Bar

Open Wed-Sun 12pm-12am. Find us at 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong

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Upcoming Events

Join our tea events & workshops in Hong Kong

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Partner with us

Bespoke tea gifts

We can create customised tea gift sets for any occasion with your your brand, in your style.

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Corporate tea events

Treat your team and clients to fun workshops and tasting experiences.

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Wholesale tea

We’ll design a tea programme to suit your restaurant, hotel or cafe. We'll also train your staff in how to store, brew and serve the tea.

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