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How to travel with tea

Everyone has something they can't travel without, and for us, that's tea! Tea keeps us feeling nourished, balanced and grounded, which is especially important when travelling. And we take our teaware along too, because we want to be fully equipped to brew whenever the mood strikes. 

Travelling with tea

Why we love travelling with tea

  • It keeps us hydrated and healthy on long plane/ bus/ train/ car rides.
  • Hot tea keeps us warm on cold flights, without keeping us awake like coffee does.
  • Brewing tea helps us slow down, be present and enjoy our environment in full.
  • Sharing tea with people we meet while travelling is a meaningful way to connect.

Travelling with tea on holiday | Plantation by teakha

Best types of tea to take with you when travelling

The problem with travelling with whole leaf tea is that it easily gets crushed - which can make for a bitter brew. And you don't want a suitcase full of canisters. So it's better to choose small and compact teas that can withstand a bit of pressure.

We recommend:

If you are crossing time zones, you might need some caffeine-free herbal teas like Camomile Reverie or Apple Blossom Verbena to help you sleep.

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Best teaware to use when travelling

Again, you want something small and compact - and not fragile. 

A thermos is great for keeping hot tea to hand, and you can easily fill up on hot water from dispensers or cafes at airports. Flip thermoses have a separate chamber for the leaves to prevent over-brewing. 

You can also put a few tea leaves into your water bottle to cold-brew. It's nice to have something more flavourful and aromatic than water. White teas are great for this, as they rarely go bitter, even if infused for hours. 

Travelling with tea | Plantation by teakha

Once you reach your destination, it's nice to find a moment to sit down for a proper tea session, taking time to absorb the new scenery. While most teaware would be too large or fragile to take with you, our Travel Tea Set is designed for exactly this purpose. 

A gaiwan, pitcher, 3 tea cups and a tea cloth all fit into a tiny 8x9cm hard case with a handle you can attach to your bag. It's great for travelling, but also hiking, camping and picnics in the park.

Travel Tea Set | Plantation by teakha

Take it with you: Travel Tea Set

And if you will be brewing tea on uneven surfaces (like while camping or hiking), you might like to take a mini tray along. Our lightweight Walnut Wood Tea Tray will easily fit in any backpack.  


Equip yourself for your next trip

We've created some bundle sets to make it easy for you to get everything you need for adventuring with tea!

1. Travel Tea Bundle

This includes our compact Travel Tea Set along with 7 samples of our most popular teas. You have at least one tea from each category for variety, and the teas are packed in mini sachets, pre-measured to be the right proportion for the Travel Tea Set gaiwan.

 Travel Tea Bundle with gaiwan, pitcher, 3 tea cups, tea cloth and tea samples

2. Travel Tea Bar Bundle
This includes our compact Travel Tea Set with two tea bars: Yunnan Moonlight White and Classic Ripe Puerh. They are made of whole leaf tea pressed into chocolate bar shapes for easy transport, storage and portioning. Just break off a square, add hot water, strain and enjoy!

 Travel Tea Bar Bundle with gaiwan, pitcher, 3 tea cups, tea cloth and 2 tea bars

Happy travels, and we wish you many memorable tea sessions around the world! 


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