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Christmas gift guide for tea people

If you know your friend likes tea, any of these gifts are sure to delight them this Christmas. As well as our Christmas gift set, we've selected best-selling items that have proved most popular this past year, so you really can't go wrong!

Here you have it: 10 gifts tea people will love, in no particular order:

1. Christmas Carol Tea Gift Set (HKD 288)

Three festive teas in one premium gift box: perfect for your tea-obsessed friends. 

Christmas Tea Gift Set | Festive flavours for tea lovers 

2. Tea Lover Gift Card (HKD 200-1000)

Let them choose! These gift e-cards are valid for a year, and can be spent on anything from tea to teaware to tea events.

Tea Lover Gift Card | Voucher for tea people

3. teaCLUB subscription (HKD 198)

A curated selection of quality whole leaf tea delivered every month, along with postcards, journals, exclusive discounts and more. Cancel anytime!

teaCLUB subscription | New quality whole leaf Chinese teas delivered every month

4. Tea Bars (HKD 128-238)

Compact and lightweight, these tea bars are made of whole leaf tea pressed into a chocolate bar shape for easy portioning.

Tea bars | Pressed whole leaf tea | Modern tea

5. Tea Biscuits (HKD 182-222)

These mini squares of tea, or "biscuits" are made of whole leaf aged white tea and easily fit in pockets and handbags so you're never without good tea.

White Tea Biscuit | Whole leaf tea pressed compact squares

6. Tea is for Everyone (HKD 220)

A concise guide to the world of Chinese tea, this book makes tea accessible to all. Written and published in Hong Kong.

"Tea is for Everyone" Book | Definitive Guide to Chinese Tea

7. Tea Tasting Journal (HKD 180)

Our own journal, made for adventurous people who enjoy discovering new flavours and want a way of recording their discoveries.

Tea Tasting Journal | Document your tea discoveries

8. Travel Tea Set (HKD 420)

 A complete and compact tea set for travelling, hiking, camping and more, that contains a gaiwan, pitcher, 3 tea cups, a tea cloth and a compact travel case.

Travel Tea Set | Compact Chinese Tea Set

9. Tea Strainer by Toast Living (HKD 480)

A stylish copper tea strainer designed by the Taiwanese brand Toast Living. It fits in every mug and can be used with any tea!

Tea Strainer | Copper | Designer | Taiwan Brand

10. Pavilion Glass Teapot (HKD 280)

This teapot makes every tea look like a work of art. It has an in-built strainer, so it makes whole leaf tea brewing that much more convenient. 

Glass Teapot | Elegant | Whole leaf tea

Happy gifting!


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