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QuaranTEA - Fun tea activities to do when self-isolating

Humans are not made for isolation. So, if you find yourself in quarantine or lockdown during the pandemic, it's very important to find mood-lifting activities to keep you healthy and sane. Here are some ways tea can make long periods of isolation more bearable... and maybe even enjoyable!

1. Learn how to brew with our virtual Chinese Tea Masterclass 

Virtual Tea Tasting

Develop your tea skills with this 2-hour hands-on masterclass, where you'll learn to taste tea like a pro and brew tea Chinese-style, while trying 2 different whole leaf teas. Not only will you gain a deeper appreciation of the craft of tea, you'll have new brewing skills that will bring you joy for the rest of your life!

Virtual Tea Tasting

You'll get a kit delivered to your door in advance with everything you need for the session, including:

  • Samples of single origin whole leaf teas sourced from small family farms around Asia
  • A Travel Tea Kit with all the brewing equipment you need packed into a compact portable case
  • A Tea Tray to set your teaware on
  • A Tea Tasting Journal to record your notes in
Book a virtual Chinese Tea Masterclass
    Tea Kit for Chinese Tea Masterclass


    2. Get new teas delivered to your door every month

    As a member of our teaCLUB, you get new teas delivered to your door every month. All the teas are quality whole leaf teas, some of which are very rare and not listed on our menu. Every month, we curate a surprise selection for you according to the season, giving you an interesting flavour experience comparing teas of different categories and origins.

    Join our teaCLUB | Plantation by teakha


    We send out the packages in the first week of every month, so make sure to subscribe in advance if you know you're going to be bored in quarantine! You could even subscribe with a friend, and enjoy tasting the same teas together from a distance. 

    Tea Tasting Journal | Plantation by teakha

    Every month, you get:

    • A surprise selection of quality whole leaf teas delivered to your door
    • Collectable postcards with facts, stories & brewing tips for each tea
    • A Tea Tasting Journal (first month)
    • A group tea tasting session online via Zoom
    Learn more about our teaCLUB

      3. Read a good tea book

      Reading is particularly enjoyable in quarantine, because you can travel anywhere in the world through the pages of a book! And why not use the time to learn about your favourite beverage? 

      The most comprehensive yet concise guide to Chinese tea we've found is a beautifully designed book by Hong Kong publisher Manmomedia called "Tea is for Everyone". This book bridges the language barrier, explaining how teas are grown, categorised, brewed and appreciated in Chinese culture, making this endlessly fascinating topic more accessible to the rest of the world.

      Tea is for Everyone by Manmomedia Hong Kong

      We also highly recommend Eighty Degrees Magazine, a beautifully crafted, independent print magazine about the culture of tea. Every issue is full of short stories from tea experts around the world, giving you more insight into everything from the history of tea to food pairings to the best type of water for brewing tea, and much more. 

      Eighty Degrees Magazine

      4. Cultivate your own tea practice

      As with most hobbies, the more experience you gain, the more enjoyment you get out of it. And many people have used their time in quarantine to take their hobbies to the next level, through online courses or just personal practice. A simple way to cultivate your own expertise and appreciation of tea is to keep a journal of your tea journey.

      Tea Tasting Journal | Plantation by teakha

      The more attention you pay to your tea sessions, the more attuned you become to the subtle complexities of flavour that unfold. Over time, your palate will become more refined and you'll be able to pick up nuanced flavour differences in teas from different terriors, different harvests, or made with different brewing methods. You can be technical about it and conduct detailed experiments, or you can simply keep a note of your favourite teas over time, like a collection of memories to savour.

      Tea Tasting Journal | Plantation by teakha

      We designed this Tea Tasting Journal to provide a helpful structure for appreciating the flavour of tea in full, with some common tasting vocabulary to get you started. It also provides a basic introduction to the world of tea, while giving you enough space to make your own notes in your own way. 

      More about the Tea Tasting Journal

      You can get this journal free when you subscribe to our teaCLUB.


      If tea is helping you get through your quarantine or isolation period, we'd love to hear about it. Share your thoughts with us on Instagram and tag @plantation_hk!

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