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Join our teaCLUB

A new tasting experience delivered to your door every month.


Every month, we source, select and curate a new tasting experience just for you.

If you're keen to develop your enjoyment, appreciation, understanding and expertise in tea, this teaCLUB is for you.

Every month you get:
// Surprised by a curated selection of new whole leaf teas delivered to your door
// A collectable tea postcard for each tea
// A FREE Tea Tasting Journal worth HK$180 (first month) 
// Seasonal teaCLUB events
// Exclusive benefits and discounts

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Zoom teaCLUB Monthly Subscription
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"Tea with Tangerine" - Aged tangerine peel with a white vs puerh tea


"Rosy tea" - tea blending experiments with rose petals, white tea and black tea


"A Study in Jasmine": 3 very different jasmine-infused spring-harvested green teas


"Spring in Darjeeling": 3 types of Darjeeling First Flush - the Champagne of teas


"Longjing 3 ways" - first harvest, second harvest and a black tea version of one of China's top 10 most famous teas


"Tea gone wild" - 3 types of rare and intriguing wild buds from ancient trees in Yunnan


"Cultivar study": Refreshing Wenshan Baozhong oolong tea from Taiwan, made from 2 different cultivars


"Bug-bitten beauty": 3 sweet Oriental Beauty teas from Taiwan


3 fascinating varieties of ripe Puerh tea from Yunnan to pair with mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival


Compact aged Gong Mei White Tea biscuits to give you a taste of the saying "1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure"


3 of Chaozhou's 8 most famous Phoenix Dancong Oolong teas: fragrant, roasted and warming for winter.


3 festive teas for the holidays: spicy chai, mulled roselle and our own new version of Moroccan mint.

Think of the teaCLUB as your tea sommelier at home. It's the perfect way to learn more about different origins and experience a wide selection of teas at home, especially as I live abroad, with Nana and her team’s precious advice and guidance.

Lily Paris

Love the excitement of opening the letter, smelling the tea and trying the first cup while reading all about the history, the land of origin and the taste notes of the liquid treasure in my cup.

Alla Hong Kong

I joined the teaCLUB, and just wanted to share what a tremendus effort Nana and her team put into the teaclub letters and note cards. I really feel the passion and curation.

Ben Hong Kong


There’s a whole world of exquisite tea out there, and it can be hard to know where to start.

We started this teaCLUB to provide educational tea experiences for tea infusiasts like you. Every month, we source new year and curate an educational tasting experience just for you.

You'll get to try teas you've never heard of from all round the world, and taste the difference that harvest, elevation, origin, processing and cultivars make. Plus, you'll have something fun to share with friends every month.


More and more every month, you’ll be developing your enjoyment, appreciation, knowledge and expertise in tea.

You’ll be guided on this journey by our founder Nana Chan herself, who sources all our teas and knows the farmers in person. Each tea comes with a collectable tea postcard with facts and brewing tips. You also get a FREE Tea Tasting Journal (worth HK$180) to document your tea journey with.

There's always more to try. Tea is an adventure that will continue unfolding for the rest of your life.


So rarely nowadays do we have time to stop and smell the tea leaves.

In this fast-paced world, it’s important to make time to savour lost luxuries. The luxury of reconnecting with yourself and loved ones over tea. The luxury of closing your eyes and delighting in the aroma of the leaves. The luxury of doing nothing but enjoying a good cup of tea.

For those who are only starting to learn and try teas, the tea club from Plantation is the best place to start. The teas are delicious and the little postcards you get look like they're made with a lot of love!!

Lorena Columbia

It is such a pleasure to be surprised every month and discover an excellent selection of tea, combined with music and history.

Nathalie France

It’s such a treat to receive the tea at the beginning of every month.  It’s a joy to read Nana’s words while trying the teas. My only complaint is that certain teas are so rare that they are only available in small quantities!

Rebecca Hong Kong


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