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Eighty Degrees Magazine

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A beautifully crafted, independent print magazine about the culture of tea.

The origins of tea, the biggest tea producing country, a farmer in Longjing, preserving  historic teas, an award-winning photography master, a revolutionary tea brand that took Australia by storm, and more.

Matcha’s “hometown” of Uji, the wabi sabi philosophy, the destruction of rooibos crops in South Africa, the tea scene in coffee-loving Brazil, the art of the gong fu ceremony, and more.

Making Snow Shan in Vietnam, a variety of tea habits in Europe, Chengdu's old tea houses in China, Bangkok's tea scene, growing tea in the Shire Highlands of Malawi, the Opium Wars, tea's role in the Russian Revolution, and more.

Why terroir is important, the world's most impactful tax cut, drinking tea the British way, why it is difficult to identify flavours and fragrances, ancient tea trading routes,  traditional Burmese tea; a tea road trip in Laos with a monk, and more.

China’s green kings, coffee vs tea drinkers, how to pair tea with food, the impact of the pandemic on tea companies, a fifth-generation metal craftsman in Kyoto, tea renegades in Georgia, high-elevation gardens in the Himalayas, and more.

The accidental origins of black tea, wine in China vs tea in the West, how temperature affects tea brewing, an ode to humbler leaves, the ancient philosophy of Kintsugi, a tea-drinking mountain hermit, the highest sophistication of tea cuisine, and more.

The origins of white tea in China, the inception of the speciality tea culture in Central Europe, how tea is valued, the origins of Earl Grey, working conditions and human rights, Sichuanese kettle performances in Chengdu, a unique tea creation in Oregon,  false claims of tea marketing, and more.

How people's lives have been affected by tea, a man who dedicated his life to the art of bonsai, how ceramics shape communities, the potential of Indian teas, the art of designing tea spaces in Japan, yak butter tea in the Himalayas, the complexities of the pu’er subculture, and more.

Yellow tea, walking meditations, fermentation vs oxidation, Japanese micro-businesses, Czech potters, speciality tea and coffee, a historic Chinese teahouse, NYC Chinatown, senchadō, a Haitian artist, eating tea, an odds-defying teahouse in Washington DC, making wulong in Taiwanese high mountains, and more.

The best water for tea, heirloom vs clonal tea trees, blending tea with aromatics, a collection of tea paraphernalia, the soundscape of a tea experience, and more.

Eighty Degrees Magazine



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