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On Design: Anna Cennamo, tea-dye artist from Extraction Project

In order to capture the fleeting beauty of things, some people choose to draw, some take photographs, some write, and some simply close their eyes and try to remember. We choose to spend time and effort experimenting and recording its every change of mood, and then finally, to impart it’s ever shifting colours in the form of dye on various kinds of medium.

Plantation commissioned Anna to experiment with colours using our teas, and in turn to use them on packaging. Anna played around with some of our signature teas, infusing them with different solvents to stabilize the teas, and each resulted in great colour variations and effects. Anna even found ways to marbleise the dye, creating patterns reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings. It was a laborious, painstaking project that took two months to finish, but the results were more than beautiful, and an eye-opener into the rare possibilities of tea. To see Anna’s work in action, watch below

We are currently using Anna’s tea dyes on all our packaged teas. Believe it or not, even the string that goes around the box is tea-dyed! 

Find out more on Anna's instagram


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