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On Design: Amanda Tong from Amanda Tong Ceramics

A study in the subtle dialogue between tea and the vessel that holds it.

2nd-31st  December (Monday - Friday)
11am -6pm, Free entry

Artist Info
Amanda Tong from Amanda Tong Ceramics

Amanda is trained in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. With a real passion for the subject, Amanda graduated with a First Class Honours and went straight on to establish her own label - Amanda Tong Ceramics.

As a ceramic designer- maker, she aspires to raise awareness of the artistic value in traditional craftsmanship through retelling forgotten stories and revisiting rituals within different cultures. Amanda’s classic marble collection is inspired by the Yin-Yang Food Therapy - one of the most fundamental concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each of the ceramic pieces is hand-thrown by mixing together black and white porcelain, creating a material metaphor that symbolises the unique mix of Yin-Yang energies within our bodies - specifically how the opposing energies are constantly evolving to find balance and co-exist.

To learn more about how different materials can affect tea, come visit our “Textualised” Exhibition, or join a Dialogue between Tea and Ceramics on the 14th December. 

(works by Amanda Chan)


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