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Meet the Farmer: A Meng | Wuyishan, China | Rock tea

Farmer: A Meng
Location: Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Teas: Da Hong Pao, Hundred Winter Daphnes, Half-Sky Monster, Rougui Rock Tea

A Meng leads a tea farm in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wuyi Mountain (武夷山), where we source our rock teas (岩茶) from, like Da Hong Pao and Hundred Winter Daphnes.

Unlike most tea farms where tea is grown on one demarcated plot of land, the tea bushes in Wuyishan are scattered sporadically throughout the region.  

Wuyishan Rock Tea - Plantation by teakha

These women have been producing tea for generations. There is no set formula — it’s all down to experience. They closely monitor and adjust the process at each step to get the desired result. 

Wuyishan Rock Tea Farm - Plantation by teakha

Wuyishan Rock Tea Farm - Plantation by teakha

A woman of few words, A Meng is hard working and doesn’t smile much, although there’s always a sparkle in her eye whenever she talks about her teas. She refers to them as if they have unique personalities of their own.

Wuyishan Rock Tea Farm - Plantation by teakha
Wuyishan Rock Tea Farm - Plantation by teakha

Every day, A Meng is out in the fields and factory, while her husband looks after their one-year-old son. She supervises every step of the tea production process, ensuring the meticulous attention to detail that rock teas require. The respect she commands is evident in the way people straighten their posture a little whenever she comes past.

Wuyishan Rock Tea Farm - Plantation by teakha
If you haven't already, we highly recommend you try our rock teas Da Hong Pao (Fruit Scent) and Hundred Winter Daphnes, grown on the cliffs of Wuyishan and processed by A Meng and her skilled team.

As a female-led enterprise ourselves, we champion other women in the industry. See the other women-led farms we source our teas from.


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