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Tea gift ideas for Chinese New Year

It's almost the time of Chinese New Year! Get some creative and inspiring gifting ideas for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities, so you can avoid turning up empty-handed!

Idea 1: Xuni Wood-fired Teaware

Looking for something unique to delight artsy friends and relatives? Look no further.

Our Xuni Wood-fired Teaware, exquisitely crafted by Jiang Li Qiang, is fired at extreme temperatures in the kiln, which creates different colours and patterns on each piece. 

No two pieces are alike — sometimes black and white like a Chinese ink painting, sometimes bright green like the mountains, and sometimes golden yellow. Each vessel is its own picture, a unique addition to any art or tea enthusiast’s collection.

Idea 2 - Eighty Degrees magazine

For every tea enthusiast, Eighty Degrees magazine is an absolute must-have.

This independent, premium tea magazine is chock full of curated stories showcasing the beautiful and rich culture of tea.

We stock all 5 issues at Plantation, the perfect collection to gift to a loved one this Lunar New Year!

Idea 3 - teaLETTER subscription

Connect with your long-distance friends and loved ones every month by giving them a subscription to our teaLETTER club. 
Every month, you’ll each get a curated selection of seasonal teas delivered to your door, so you can share the same brews together, no matter how far apart you are.

A 3-month subscription comes with a mini teaZINE chock full of the facts, stories and culture behind each tea.

A 6-month subscription comes with a teaZINE plus a free signed copy of “Tea is for Everyone” - a thorough yet concise introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese tea.

A 12-month subscription comes with a teaZINE, a free signed copy of “Tea is for Everyone”, and a free monthly meet-up at Plantation teahouse.
Subscribe now to get February’s issue!


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