Introducing Plantation’s Monthly Tea Club


Letters in the post are so rare these days, and so is the time we have to take a moment for ourselves and smell the tea leaves. As the world we recognise around us start to loose meaning and crumble and as we spend more and more time at home, it becomes ever so important to slow down and reconnect with these lost luxuries - the luxury of opening your letterbox to find post waiting for you, the luxury of taking time with a cup of tea, or simply, the luxury of a boiling kettle’s whistle - in order to reconnect with your inner wellbeing.

Every month we will send you a different selection of teas from around the world, but always with a theme and always suitable for the current weather or freshly harvested in the season. Some teas will be from our current selection, but you will also receive unique teas that are only available to our subscribers. And, like the rest of our teas at Plantation, we stick to the principles of responsibly sourced, small batch teas presented to you in the most friendly and beautiful way possible. 

What are the benefits?


Love tea but not sure which teas to choose? Feeling greedy and want to try everything without having to end up with too much tea at home? Then our teaLETTER Club is for you!


Our teaZINE aims to share with you not only the knowledge about tea but also interesting cultural snippets surrounding tea, from pop culture to history to recipes.


What better way to bring people together than through a cup of tea? Brew your teas together with us during our monthly live-streamed tutorials! 

Our Curation

What to expect with each package... 

To start your subscription in the next month, please order before the last day of the current month.

For orders received after the last day of the current month, we will start your first issue two months from now. e.g. Orders received before 31st Oct, 2020, your first issue starts in Nov, 2020. Orders received after 31st Oct, 2020, your first issue starts in Dec, 2020.

Each package will contain:
- We ship the first week of every month (up to 4 days for local Hong Kong delivery and up to 10 days for international)
- Around 15-20g of 3-4 types of tea per month, equivalent to at least 6 servings
- Our monthly teaZine available exclusively to teaLETTER Club members.
- Our teaZine will include detailed information about the teas you receive and special discounts and offers. 

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