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What is Duck Shit Dancong Tea?

Duck Shit Dancong is a roasted oolong tea sourced from the Phoenix Mountains in Chaozhou, China. It boasts an immensely floral aroma and a lingering sweetness with notes of peach and candyfloss.

It's a really good tea, we promise!

Dancong oolong tea

Why is it called Duck Shit Dancong?

According to folklore, it was given a bad name to keep its deliciousness a secret. 

As the story goes: a long time ago, farmers discovered an especially good tea cultivar in Ping Keng Tou village, and they wanted to keep it to themselves, so they called it “Duck Shit” to deter other farmers. Their attempt was not successful, clearly, as this tea is now one of the most famous Dancong teas out there. (Maybe that was their plan all along?) 

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For our teaCLUB this month, we're tasting Duck Shit Dancong along with two other Dancong teas for comparison. All these teas are charcoal roasted - perfect for autumn weather. Subscribe before 10 November to get these incredible teas delivered to your door!

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What is Dancong tea?

A sub-category of oolong tea (semi-oxidised tea), Dancong tea or Phoenix Dancong refers a group of specific cultivars that grow on Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, China. The high elevations of this mountain range provide the ideal environment for tea, with peaks perpetually enshrouded in mist. The Wudong area is home to the purest Dancong tea groves and cleanest processing of the entire region.

“Dancong” 單欉  translates to “single bush” i.e. each type of Dancong tea comes from one mother plant that is then grafted to multiply production. Because these teas grow in the relatively biodiverse environment of the mountain range, they have interesting, complex flavours. They are also famous for their dramatic aromas, and each cultivar has its own distinct flavour.

Dancong oolong teas go through some of the most complex processing methods of all teas. In fact, teas harvested in spring are often not ready until autumn!

Dancong oolong tea - high quality whole leaf tea

The eight most famous Dancong cultivars

 There are hundreds of Dancong cultivars, but these 8 are considered the best:

  1. Eight Immortals
  2. Song Zhong
  3. Orchid Scent
  4. Baiye
  5. Wuye
  6. Duck Shit
  7. Almond Scent
  8. Honey Orchid Scent

This November, we're tasting 3 of the 8 famous cultivars as part of our teaCLUB: Duck Shit, Eight Immortals and Song Zhong. Subscribe before 10 November to join us!

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Try Duck Shit Dancong

Our Duck Shit Dancong 鳳凰單欉鴨屎香 is medium oxidised and charcoal roasted twice. It is harvested in spring from elevations of 600m, and has a bright, brisk flavour with notes of wild rose, peach and candyfloss. 

Duck Shit Dancong - roasted oolong whole leaf tea

Try Eight Immortals Dancong

Our Eight Immortals Dancong 八仙鳳凰單欉 is heavily oxidised and charcoal roasted three times. It is harvested in spring from 50-year-old trees growing on Wudong Mountain at elevations of 937m. It has a relatively savoury flavour with a slight bitterness that quickly turns to a sweet aftertaste. 

Eight Immortals Dancong - roasted oolong whole leaf Chinese tea

Try Song Zhong Dancong

Our Song Zhong Dancong 宋種鳳凰單欉 is heavily oxidised and charcoal roasted three times. It is harvested in spring from 40-year-old trees growing at elevations of 1100m. This cultivar is said to originate from the Song Dynasty. It has a sweet honey aroma and a woodsy flavour.

 Song Zhong Dancong - roasted oolong whole leaf Chinese tea

Chaozhou's gongfu-style brewing for Dancong tea

Chaozhou is home to “gongfu cha” culture, where they brew with tiny clay teapots and cups, and use boiling water for an extra strong and bitter flavour (think of it as the “espresso” of the tea world).

 Brewing dancong tea

You can try “flash brewing” any Dancong tea (use boiling water and strain the tea straight away) for a more authentic taste, but we prefer using lower temperatures to bring out the full aroma and inherent sweetness. 

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