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Recipe: Tong Yuen in Keemun Rose Tea

Follow our steps to make the best Rice balls in Keemun Rose Tea 


  1. Black Sesame Rice Balls x 1 pack
    *Our recommended rice ball:
    Handmade ones from Fook Yuen near Fortress Hill MTR station)
  2. Keemun Rose x 15g
  3. Rock Sugar x 1 slab


  1. Cook rice balls in boiling water until they float.
  2. In the meantime, slow cook Keemun Rose in a pot under low heat with 1.2L boiled water for about three minutes, or until the liquid becomes a dark amber colour. 
  3. Add a slab of rock sugar to taste. Add more sugar if necessary. 
  4. Drain the rice balls and divide into bowls. Pour over with tea mixture. Serve hot.