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New Arrival: Forest Wild White Broom-tea

This is our latest find at Plantation - white tea leaves packed in broom style and collected from wild-roaming white tea trees in a pristine forest environment in Fuding area. Grown free from pesticides and human intervention this tea is then processed with care to conserve as much of the natural character of the leaves as possible, the leaves picked and gently spread out on bamboo mats to wither and slowly shade dry for several days.

What we love about this tea is how easy and fun it is to brew - just treat them like a cave man’s teabag! Simply dunk the whole broom into your mug and enjoy. Although you should remember to retrieve the broom after a few minutes, this is one of those teas which don’t get too bitter even after prolonged steeping. 

Flavour Profile: Pure and wholesome, with a tinge of honey and a nutty, earth base.


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