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Pumpkin Clay Teapot
Pumpkin Clay Teapot

Pumpkin Clay Teapot

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Pumpkin Clay Teapot | 手工粗陶茶壺 南瓜

Handmade by Jingdezhen's craftsman Huangdi ("Emperor"), this rustic coarse clay teapot shaped like a pumpkin is great for brewing roasted teas or dark oolongs.

The flavour of the tea interacts with the rough clay and over time, the clay complements and enhances the tea. That's why we recommend you train this teapot with only one type or category of tea.

With each subsequent brew, the Pumpkin Clay Teapot undergoes a stunning transformation, from a light metallic grey to a toasted brown, patterned with natural tea stains that form a unique piece of art.

Made to last, this artisanal piece gets more beautiful with use, and ages alongside you—a tea companion for life.

Dimensions: L10 x W7 x H8cm
Volume: 190ml (to the brim)
Material: Coarse clay
Place of Origin: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

Caring for your Teapot

We advise you don't wash the gaiwan with soap, as any residue may make your tea taste soapy. A microfibre cloth or melamine sponge works well to remove stains. 

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