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First Flush Driftwood Matcha (20g)
First Flush Driftwood Matcha (20g)

First Flush Driftwood Matcha (20g)

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First-Flush Driftwood Matcha | 初摘漂流木抹茶

The big difference between matcha and a loose-leaf tea like gyokuro, is that the nutritional and health benefits of gyokuro are limited to the water-soluble components that are extracted as the leaves steep in the hot water. But with matcha, since it is made from finely ground tealeaves, it contains the benefits of all the water-soluble PLUS insoluble components of the tea leaf. This means that you ingest an abundance of vitamin A and some fiber in addition to the regular water-soluble components. Moreover, because matcha is derived from shade-cultivated tea trees, like gyokuro it is relatively high in caffeine and theanine. 

This is Plantation’s first matcha, and we named it “Driftwood” because of the combination of woodiness and seaweedy, minerally taste, just like a piece of driftwood in the ocean.

Uji, Kyoto, Japan


Spring 2020 

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Notes:
Woody, Seaweedy, Deep Umami

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