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Eighty Degrees
Eighty Degrees
Eighty Degrees
Eighty Degrees
Eighty Degrees

Eighty Degrees

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Issue 01

It is time we talked about tea - properly! We have created this issue to help you explore the basics and the origins of tea.

Tea has been an indispensable part of many cultures and represents so much more than many realise. We have spoken with farmers, producers, retailers, specialists and artists to get their point of view on the most popular drink in the world.

In this first issue, we will cover topics including the biggest tea producing country, visit a farmer of one of the most famous teas in China — Dragon Well, talk about a fight for the preservation of historic teas, discuss a new book about tea by an award-winning photography master, learn about the beginnings of a revolutionary tea brand that took Australia (and the world!) by storm, and many more!

Issue 02

eighty degrees issue 2 takes us on a journey to Japan — a country that has been dutifully guarding and perfecting its tea culture for generations, while letting in fresh ideas of what tea could become.

We will venture into matcha’s “hometown” Uji to sit down with an 11th-generation master and maker of this precious powder.

We will explore wabi sabi — a philosophy that helps us stay grounded in an age where distractions keep us from self-discovery.

We will witness the destruction of rooibos crops as the climate emergency wreaks havoc on the plains of South Africa.

We will talk about tea in Brazil — a country whose DNA is steeped in coffee, but whose culture is constantly being redefined.

We will step into the shoes of an orchestra conductor to deliver the perfect gong fu brew.

Issue 03

This time, we venture into Vietnam to re-discover the ancient art of making Snow Shan — a tradition strong enough to rival some big tea names across the border.

Fuchsia Dunlop, the renowned food researcher, culinary expert, and sinophile, tells us about her experience with tea in the context of food in the land of plenty.

We look at various tea habits in Europe and sail across the oceans to learn about the violent history between Britain and China resulting in the Opium Wars.

The city of Chengdu will reveal its secrets about the origins of its old tea houses and how they are preserving their status in society.

We will drink our way through the Russian Revolution, stroll through colourful Bangkok and end up in the Shire Highlands of Malawi.

Issue 04

Issue 4 helps us discover the power of terroir and why it is important to know what we are buying.

We learn about the world's most impactful tax cut and how it led to a revolution that would change the world.

In Britain, they treasure their traditional tea, but is this tradition worth treasuring? We ponder over what it means to drink tea the British way and why it might shock many visitors.

We embark on a journey of discovery of ancient trials and trading routes that helped spread tea within and outside of China. We revisit Michael Freeman for more stories of his tea endeavours.

Smelling tea can be such an enigma for many. We chat with a fragrance expert to better understand what happens to out senses when we drink tea and why it is so hard to identify flavours and fragrances.

We stroll through the old streets of Rangoon in search of laphet yay, the traditional Burmese tea, and go on a tea road trip in remote Laos with a monk.

Issue 05

Tea is a multifaceted subject and one can rank the many types according to countless features. In this issue, we will look at four of the most famous and highly acclaimed Chinese teas — China’s green kings.

James Hoffmann, the coffee wizard with a soft spot for tea, helps us dissect the rivalry between coffee and tea drinkers and investigate the appeal of both beverages. ⁣ 

Five businesses tell us about their journey through the current pandemic and what pitfalls and opportunities befell them.

We explore which teas go well with which foods and how readily restaurants might onboard a proper tea menu.

We take tea with a fifth-generation metal craftsman in the heart of Kyoto, visit a team of renegades in the forgotten fields of an ex-Soviet Union country, and discover high-elevation gardens in the Himalayas. 


All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.

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