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Classic Ripe Puerh Tea Bar

Classic Ripe Puerh Tea Bar

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Made from Puerh Assamica trees over 200 years old in Yunnan, this aged puerh has a smooth butter-like consistency, coating your palate with a rich, sweet, earthy aftertaste, perfect for cleansing after a family meal.

The tea bar is available for pre-order now, and will be ready for pick-up in-store or free delivery to your door from 15 September 2020 onwards.

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Puerh, Yunann, China

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Note:
Ripe fruit, Woody, Earthy

Brewing Instruction: 
Gaiwan: Use 100ml of water for 1 square of tea with 60, 70, 80s infusions at 98℃.

Western style: Put 1 square of tea in a 300ml teapot for a 3-minute steep at 95℃.

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