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Wild Gushu Black Tea
Wild Gushu Black Tea
Wild Gushu Black Tea

Wild Gushu Black Tea

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Wild Gushu Black Tea|野生古樹紅茶

Tasting notes: Malty, woodsy, plum

Harvested from wild thousand-year-old Puerh tea trees, this rare black tea is highly aromatic and fruity with a smooth texture. We even get notes of baked sweet potatoes with this harvest! Grown at high altitudes, Wild Gushu Black Tea is produced in very small batches and is dried under the sun, giving it a distinctive plum flavour.  

We were thrilled to discover this exquisite tea, made from ancient trees (古树 gushu) growing wild in the 2000-metre altitudes of Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan.

It was developed as part of a recent trend in Yunnan of making black teas from Da Ye cultivars—traditionally reserved for Puerh tea—and generating some very interesting flavours! Due to the untamed nature of these plants, each harvest is unpredictable and produces different flavour profiles every year.

Fact file
Origin: Lincang, Yunnan, China
Elevation: 2000m 
Cultivar: 野生云南大叶 Yesheng Yunnan Da Ye (Wild Yunnan Big Leaf)
Oxidation: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿

How to brew Wild Gushu Black Tea

Gongfu style (Gaiwan)
4g | per 100ml | 95°C | 1 min
+10s per steep for at least 4 steeps

Western style (Teapot)
3g | per 100ml | 90°C | 3 mins
+1 min per steep for at least 2 steeps

Cold brew
10g | 1L | Room temp/ refrigerated | | 6 hours

While black tea is often brewed with boiling water, we find that the complex fruity notes of Wild Gushu Black Tea are enhanced with slightly cooler temperatures. 

These are just guidelines. As we always say, it’s best to experiment with a range of temperatures and leaf-to-water ratios to understand the tea and your own taste preferences.

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