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TEA RIDE:Spread by G.U.M. X Teakha

TEA RIDE:Spread by G.U.M. X Teakha

31/01/2015 (1:30 pm - 5:00 pm)

Have you ever thought you can travel from Kowloon all the way to Hong Kong Island with a bike? Together with Spread by G.U.M., teakha is hosting a Tea Ride for all bicycle lovers in town!

Spread by G.U.M. (Green Urban Mobility) is one of the first bicycle boutique concept stores in Hong Kong, whose mission is to encourage the use of bicycle as a mode of transport for a greener city. They will be providing 10 STRiDA foldable bikes to rent, safety helmets and very experienced staff to guide us during the group cycling (there will also be 10 more places for those who want to bring their own bike), so as long as you can manoeuvre with confidence on the road, you can join and experience with us the first Tea Ride! The route starts from Spread by G.U.M. at Tsim Sha Tsui towards West Kowloon Promenade (refreshment point), through Victoria Harbour on the lovely Star Ferry, and hillwards arriving at teakha in Sheung Wan, where delicious tea and cake will be available for a relaxing afternoon.

Dress Code:
Denim (apart from jeans) and all things indigo or white!
Backpacks are recommended for personal belongings, and don’t forget your shades.

Participants with bike rental, please arrive Spread by G.U.M. at 1pm to allow time to practise on the STRiDA bike.
All other participants, please register with a member of staff at 1.30pm as we go through route details and road safety.

Spread by G.U.M. address:
G/F, 119B Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui

Notice – by registering the event, participants understand and acknowledge the following:

1. The route is approximately 15km long and is mostly on even pavement. Anyone with chronic illness must seek doctor’s approval before participating.
2. The event will take place in traffic, thus a certain level of cycling skills and on-road experience are required.
3. There are risks associated with participating in a bike tour. Participant must be at least 18 years of age, is responsible for his/her own safety, obey the traffic law and regulations of Hong Kong, and follow the guidance given by the police and the ride marshals.
4. Participant agrees that the organiser bears no responsibility should an accident/ injury occur as a result of the participant’s negligence, poor physical condition or inadequate skills in operating a bicycle. Participants should consider purchasing insurance if deemed necessary.
5. The law requires that a bell, a reflector and at least one brake be mounted on the bicycle.
6. No refunds will be given to participants for any withdrawal from the event. 
7. In case of bad weather, special arrangements will be announced on www.facebook.com/PlantationHK the day before the event (30/1).
8. In case of any disputes, the organisers reserves the right of final decision.

Bookings are closed for this event.