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Tea Sampling x Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Tea Sampling x Modern Calligraphy Workshop

13/05/2015 - 27/05/2015 (7:30 pm - 9:30 pm)

Writing and tea tasting call for a moment of serenity. During this two-hour workshop, let us learn the ropes of modern calligraphy while quietly sipping our tea, immersing our hearts in tranquility. Modern Calligraphy Skills of letters and making words will be taught. Each participant will get the chance to write out your favourite quote or poem and at the same time, enjoying our selected teas! Please bring along your favourite short poem, quote, or letter to handwrite! 

The workshops will be held on 13, 20, and 27 May at teakha from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Basic calligraphy skills will be taught during workshops one and two, before learning to develop them further in workshop three. Sign up for 1 or more now!

Participants ARE REQUIRED to purchase one calligraphy kit when register or bring your own materials below:
A pen holder, straight or oblique (not a fountain pen) ; one or more flexible pointed nibs (ie. not stub/broad tip nibs for italic calligraphy), suggested nibs Nikko G or Hunt 56 for beginners ; a small jar of ink, suggested sumi ink, acrylic ink, W&N calligraphy ink, Higgins, or other calligraphy inks suitable for dip pen. These items can be found at Artland on 3/F Lockhart Centre, Wanchai: http://www.artland.com.hk/

*Remarks: Please let us know if you are left-handed participants
*Enquiry: email to discover@teakha.com