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Yunnan Wild Tea Buds
Yunnan Wild Tea Buds
Yunnan Wild Tea Buds

Yunnan Wild Tea Buds

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Yunnan Wild Tea Buds |  雲南野生芽苞

Tasting notes: Round, light, floral

These unopened, purple-ish buds from Puerh trees in Yunnan, China are a rare, precious gift from mother nature. They are harvested from wild thousand-year-old Puerh tea trees of a purple-leaf varietal that grows natively in the region. The tea has a soft, round nature with an hauntingly floral fragrance, making it almost like a tisane with virtually no caffeine. 

Yunnan Wild Tea Buds are harvested only once a year in small batches, due to the rarity and unpredictable yield of wild trees. The tea buds are dried naturally with minimal processing to preserve their pink hue and natural floral flavour.

A huge surprise to us here at Plantation when we first discovered them, these tea buds have since become one of our bestsellers and a true rare gem.

Fact file
Origin: Jinggu, Puerh, Yunnan
Elevation: 950m
Cultivar: Wild
Oxidation: ⦿○○○○

How to brew Yunnan Wild Tea Buds

Gongfu style
4g | per 100ml | 90°C | 1 min
+10s per steep for at least 5 steeps

Western style
2g | per 100ml | 85°C | 3 mins
+ 1 min per steep for at least 3 steeps

Cold brew
10g | 1L | Room temp/ refrigerated | 6 hours 

We recommend you try brewing Yunnan Wild Tea Buds at a range of temperatures. At 85°C, the tea tastes lighter and more nuanced. At 90°C it becomes more heady and floral.

These are just guidelines. As we always say, it’s best to experiment with a range of temperatures and leaf-to-water ratios to understand the tea and your own taste preferences.

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