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Xiyan - Incense Burner

Xiyan - Incense Burner

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Xiyan - Incense Burner 喜研鐵器 - 香爐

Founded in 2013, XIYAN is an independent teawares and accessories brand of Xi She Culture Organization. The Chinese tea connoisseur’s design philosophy is based upon tried-and-true traditional learning, catered specifically to the prevalent tea drinking culture. Inheriting ancient wisdoms and guided by contemporary aesthetics, the functional collection meets modern living standards of tea preparation. On its own, the metallic charm of the vessel serves as a collectable art to make tea appreciation ever more enjoyable by tea epicures. XIYAN is introduced exclusively by sole agent Alan Chan to Hong Kong and to other Asian cities.

Material: iron
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6 cm
Place of Origin: China

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