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Taiping Houkui
Taiping Houkui
Taiping Houkui

Taiping Houkui

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Taiping Houkui |太平猴魁

Literally translated as “peaceful monkey leader”, this special green tea is grown at the foot of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui, China, and won the "King of Tea" award at the China Tea Exhibition in 2004.

The largest leaf green tea from the Shi Da Cha varietal, its leaves measure up to 6cm long. Unlike most green teas, it is not rolled but dried using a series of bamboo baskets at various temperatures. The leaves are a deep green, and you’ll see hints of red, as well as the white tips of the bud. It is smooth and rounded, with notes of bamboo and seaweed.

Houkeng, Anhui, China

Oxidation level:

Tasting notes:
Bamboo, vegetal, seaweed

Brewing method: 
Pitcher:   4g per 100ml   90℃   60, 70, 80s steeps
Western: 3g per 300 ml   90°C    3-minute steep

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