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Silver Needle (50g)

Silver Needle (50g)

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One of China’s ten most famous teas, and the most highly prized of all white teas, Silver Needle can fetch extortionate prices on the market.

Comprised purely of plump and juicy buds, still covered in their white furry down, this tea gives a lightly golden-green liquor, full of nutrients, and is very fresh tasting. 

Picking only buds is an intensely laborious process that requires great skill, and thousands upon thousands of buds are needed to make up just one kilo of Silver Needle.

Contrary to what you might think, this delicate tea does quite well with hot water, around 90°C. The little white hairs form air bubbles as a protective layer around the buds, making them float above the water, so you’ll need to gently push them down into the water to get a full infusion. 

Fuding, Fujian

Oxidation Level:

Flavour profile:
A light delicate flavour laced with notes of fresh cucumber and watermelon, ending in a bright, sweet aftertaste.

Brewing Method:
Gongfu style: Steep 4g in a 100ml gaiwan with 85-90°C water for 60, 70, 80second steeps.

Western style: Steep 6g in a 300ml teapot with 90°C water for 3 minutes.


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