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Red Oolong (Organic)
Red Oolong (Organic)
Red Oolong (Organic)

Red Oolong (Organic)

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Red Oolong (Organic)|紅烏龍 (有機)|

One of the few rare teas to come from Taitung, an idyllic pocket of pollution-free land in Eastern Taiwan, this Red Oolong is produced during the summer months to allow for a green leafhopper to ingest the leaves, inducing early oxidation and hence a honey-like aroma. Highly oxidized using black tea-production techniques, the result is a smooth, sweet tea with top notes of a black tea but undertones of an oolong.

Luye, Taitung

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Note: 
Malty, Ripe Fruit, Honey

Brewing Method:
Steep 3g in a 300 ml teapot of 90°C water for 3 minutes.

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