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Old Grove Tieguanyin
Old Grove Tieguanyin

Old Grove Tieguanyin

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Old Grove Tieguanyin|正欉鐵觀音|

Made from the oldest known Tieguanyin cultivars brought over from Fujian province to Taiwan in the 1800s, Muzha's tieguanyins are handcrafted using meticulous traditional roasting methods, producing a unique Taiwanese Tieguanyin that is complex, robust, smooth and sweetly fragrant tea with notes of ripe fruits that is quite unlike its older cousin in Fujian.

Muzha, Taipei

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Note:
Ripe Fruit, Nutty, Sweet

Brewing Method:
Steep 3g in a 300 ml teapot of 90°C water for 3 minutes.
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