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Rock Tea Gift Set
Rock Tea Gift Set
Rock Tea Gift Set

Rock Tea Gift Set

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To celebrate the joy of togetherness this Mid-Autumn Festival, this signature tea gift set features our prized Da Hong Pao (Fruit Scent) rock tea and a White Ceramic Gaiwan Set.

The Rock Tea Gift Set 正岩・小月 茶具組 includes:

  • A 30g square tin of Da Hong Pao (Fruit Scent) rock tea  
  • A White Ceramic Gaiwan Set (1 gaiwan + 2 cups, handmade in Dehua, Fujian)

All encased in a premium gold-embossed box and gift bag.

About Da Hong Pao (Fruit Scent) Rock Tea 果韻大紅袍

Once the reserve of emperors, Da Hong Pao is a highly prized rock tea grown in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wuyishan, China, where the plants are nourished by pure, mineral-rich spring water, giving the tea its distinctive mineral flavour.

The Da Hong Pao (“Big Red Robe”) sourced by Plantation by teakha has a strong fruit scent, reminiscent of the citrus essence released from an orange as it is peeled. It is charcoal-roasted twice, giving it an invigorating smokiness while highlighting its signature mineral notes. A bold, robust tea that expels extra dampness in the body and pairs well with rich food.

Legend has it that the tea was prepared by monasteries exclusively for the Emperor. It grew on precarious cliff edges, so monks trained monkeys to pick the tea, clothing them in regal red robes, hence the name “Big Red Robe”. Others say that the young shoots have a crimson tint to them, making it look like the fields are robed in red in the springtime.

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