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Jou Netto Gyokuro
Jou Netto Gyokuro

Jou Netto Gyokuro

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Jou Netto Gyokuro|上熱湯玉露|

A high quality kabusecha tea from Uji, Kyoto, which in essence is grown mostly shaded like a gyokuro but to a lesser extent, allowing it to retain a sencha earthiness. This produces a mellow, more rounded gyokuro that is easier to brew at 80'C whilst keeping its signature grassy, seaweed flavours. A true "Jewel Dew".

Kyoto, Japan

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Note:
Grassy, Seaweedy, Umami

Brewing Method:
Steep 3g in a 300 ml teapot of 60°C water for 3 minutes.

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