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Eighty Degrees (Issue 004)

Eighty Degrees (Issue 004)

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Issue 4 helps us discover the power of terroir and why it is important to know what we are buying.

We learn about the world's most impactful tax cut and how it led to a revolution that would change the world.

In Britain, they treasure their traditional tea, but is this tradition worth treasuring? We ponder over what it means to drink tea the British way and why it might shock many visitors.

We embark on a journey of discovery of ancient trials and trading routes that helped spread tea within and outside of China. We revisit Michael Freeman for more stories of his tea endeavours.

Smelling tea can be such an enigma for many. We chat with a fragrance expert to better understand what happens to out senses when we drink tea and why it is so hard to identify flavours and fragrances.

We stroll through the old streets of Rangoon in search of laphet yay, the traditional Burmese tea, and go on a tea road trip in remote Laos with a monk.

All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.

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