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Zoom Big Snow Mountain Raw Puerh 2021

Big Snow Mountain Raw Puerh 2021

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Big Snow Mountain Raw Puerh Tea (2021)|大雪山古樹生普洱

 Origin: Mengku Da Xue Shan, Lincang, Yunnan, China
 Harvest: Spring, 2021

This raw Puerh is crisp and strong - a good tea to drink when you need energy! The tea was harvested in 2021. You can drink it fresh or age it for many years, as the flavour will change over time due to the tea's natural fermentation process. 

Of the three major certified Puerh areas (Xishuangbanna, Lincang, and Puerh), this tea is from Lincang.
Lincang itself has 4 main Puerh areas (the "Lincang Four Dragons"):
Bing Dao 冰島,
Xi Gui 昔歸,
Mang Fei 忙肺 and
Da Xue Shan 大雪山 "Big Snow Mountain", where this tea is from.

Raw Puerh from Big Snow Mountain is known for its natural floral aroma, delicate sweetness, smooth mouthfeel, and lower astringency. It is also said to have a cooling or icy sensation on your tongue, known as a "wild" flavour.

About Raw Puerh

Raw Puerh or sheng Puerh is essentially a sundried green tea from certified regions in Yunnan. While ripe Puerh (shou Puerh) is fully fermented and is the most common style in Hong Kong, raw Puerh is the most common style of Puerh in Mainland China. It is lightly oxidised and the flavour is much brighter, sharper and stronger than ripe Puerh. The leaves are processed almost like a green tea, then left to ferment naturally over time. Aged cakes are highly prized, but raw Puerh can still be enjoyed fresh, or un-aged.

Gongfu style (Gaiwan)
4g | per 100ml | 90°C | 30s
+ 10s per steep for at least 3 steeps

Western style (Teapot)
2g | per 100ml | 90°C | 1 min
+ 1 min per steep for at least 2 steeps

Big Snow Mountain Raw Puerh 2021



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