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Adventure into the world of craft tea with us

Join our tea community for guided experiences and a curated selection of seasonal craft teas delivered to your door every month.

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There’s a whole world of exquisite craft tea out there, waiting to be discovered. And with a truly infinite variety of tea, it can be hard to know where to start.

We started the teaCLUB to provide a curated experience for tea enthusiasts like you. Every month, we send you a seasonal selection of craft teas from around the world, along with a mini teaZINE full of information about the teas and how to best brew, compare and enjoy them.

You will have exclusive access to our rarest teas. All our teas are responsibly sourced, small batch teas presented to you in the most friendly and beautiful way possible. 


Letters in the post are so rare these days, and so is the time we have to slow down and smell the tea leaves.

In this fast-paced world, it’s ever more important to make time to reconnect with lost luxuries. The luxury of opening your letterbox to find post waiting for you. The luxury of taking time to reconnect with yourself or your loved ones over a pot of tea. The luxury of closing your eyes and delighting in the sound of a boiling kettle’s whistle.

It’s time to prioritise the rejuvenating practice of being fully present here, now. It’s time for tea.


More and more every month, you’ll be able to develop your enjoyment, appreciation and expertise in tea.

You’ll be guided on this journey by our founder Nana Chan herself, who sources all our teas and knows the farmers in person. She’ll share stories from the tea world and, along with our team of tea experts, will guide you on how to coax the most flavour and enjoyment from your tea.

Tea is more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s an adventure that will continue unfolding for the rest of your life.

Every month, you get:

• A curated selection of seasonal craft teas delivered to your door
• A mini teaZINE packed full of facts, stories and brewing tips for each tea
• Exclusive access to purchase our rarest teas
• Exclusive discounts on the monthly teas

Membership options

3-month membership

• Free shipping within Hong Kong

6-month membership

• Free shipping within Hong Kong
• A free signed copy of ‘Tea is for Everyone’ (worth HK$220)

12-month membership

• Free shipping within Hong Kong
• A free signed copy of ‘Tea is for Everyone’ 
• A monthly teaGATHERING to brew and enjoy the teas together

Our curation

May 2021

Darjeeling Harvests

June 2021

Unique Green Teas

July 2021

Flower & Herb Garden

August 2021

Jewels of Taiwan

September 2021

Tieguanyin Comparison

October 2021

Black Teas from Taiwan

November 2021

A Peek of Ceylon

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Hear from our members

“Love the excitement of opening the letter, smelling the tea and trying the first cup while reading all about the history, the land of origin and the taste notes of the liquid treasure in my cup.”

Alla, 12-month member

“For those who are only starting to learn and try teas, the tea club from Plantation is the best place to start. The teas are delicious and the little booklet you get looks like it's made with a lot of love!!

Lorena, 12-month member

“It’s such a treat to receive the tealetter at the beginning of every month. It’s a joy to read Nana’s words while trying the teas. My only complaint is that certain teas are so rare that they are only available through the tea club and not through the shop!”

Rebecca, 12-month member

“Think of the teaLetter as your tea sommelier at home. I’d been obsessing over Plantation’s teas since I discovered them at the St. Regis. The subscription to the club was the perfect way to learn more about different origins and experience a wide selection of teas at home, especially as I live abroad, with Nana and her team’s precious advice and guidance.”

Lily, 12-month member

“It is such a pleasure to be surprised every month and discover an excellent selection of tea, combined with music and history.”

Nathalie, 12-month member

“There's such a thoughtful and interesting selection of teas and the accompanying teaZINEs are beautifully designed and informative. I live in North America and don't get access to some of these brews at all, so the teaCLUB helps keep me connected!”

Jasmine, 12-month member

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