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A year of blossom

Symbols of Reunion: Lucky Blossoms Gift Set


Lucky Blossoms Gift Set


PLUM 梅 ・Gushu Sundried Black Tea Square Tin x 1
ORCHID 蘭 Orchid Tieguanyin Square Tin x 1
CHRYSANTHEMUM 菊 Golden Chrysanthemum Square Tin  x 1
BAMBOO 竹・Bamboo Jade Green Tea Square Tin x 1

Encased in a handcrafted Plantation box

" Bringing people together through tea "

Our Lunar New Year Curation

梅 | Plum

(Gushu Sundried Black Tea 梅香古樹曬紅)

Oxidized using the "sun-drying" method from Assamica trees over 200 years old, the aroma of this black tea is deep with notes of stewed fruit and raisins. Since it is sun-dried it also continues to post-oxidize, making it perfect for ageing. Produced in the Springtime in Xiaohusai, a 2000 metre altitude tea base in Yunnan.

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蘭 | Orchid

(Orchid Tieguanyin 蘭香鐵觀音)

This is a premium grade light oolong tea from the birthplace of Tieguanyin, or the Iron Goddess of Compassion tea. Brilliant green infusion with beautiful aroma of orchids with a touch of fresh pine shoots. An exceptional tea for those who prize freshness and natural floral aromas.

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菊 | Chrysanthemum

(Golden Chrysanthemum 金絲皇菊)

A prized tisane from Anhui that is not only incredibly beautiful to look at but also packed with health benefits. Chrysanthemum is cooling, cleansing, helps to lower cholesterol and also great for the eyes.

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竹 | Bamboo

(Bamboo Jade Green Tea 竹葉青)

One of the most Chinese green teas, Bamboo Leaf Green, or Zhu Ye Qing is plucked exceptionally each spring, yielding a small quantity and therefore are rare, desirable and pricey. With a beautiful crescent shape and consisting only of young tea buds, they are tiny, slim, flat and slightly curved, like baby bamboo leaves.

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Mahjong - Symbols of Reunion

We all know Lunar New Year is a time when everyone from the family reunite from different parts of the world. To honour this very special occasion, we take inspiration from mahjong, a traditional household game almost every family plays during the time. In particular we take cue from the ‘flower cards’ in our design, portraying an elegant side of mahjong as well as signalling luck for a better, brighter year ahead. 


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Lucky Blossoms
Lucky Blossoms
Lucky Blossoms
Lucky Blossoms
Lucky Blossoms
Lucky Blossoms
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