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White Peony Tea Cake (100g)
White Peony Tea Cake (100g)

White Peony Tea Cake (100g)

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White Peony Tea Cake|白牡丹茶餅|

White Peony is a top grade white tea made of young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds. Our tea cake is made in Fuding, Fujian province from the spring harvest of 2017, where a gentle and slow air-dry withering process resulted in a beautiful amber infusion with a honey-like viscosity and a mild, refreshing cucumber flavor.

Fuding, Fujian

Oxidation Level:

Tasting Note:
Mellow, Honey, Soybean Milk

Brewing Method:
Steep 2.5g in a 300 ml teapot of 80°C water for 3 minutes.

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