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Hundred Winter Daphnes (50g)
Hundred Winter Daphnes (50g)

Hundred Winter Daphnes (50g)

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Hundred Winter Daphnes | 白瑞香

Think of this as an entry-level rock tea. It’s lighter than other rock tea varietals and incredibly fragrant. If you’re not used to the mineral taste of rock teas, this is a good one to start with. This year’s harvest is particularly fragrant due to the weather conditions.

Named “A Hundred Winter Daphnes” after its memorable fragrance, this tea has over 100 years of history, and is grown near the cliffs of the Hui Yuan Monastery in Wuyishan.

It is charcoal-roasted only once, which helps showcase the incredible fruit and floral notes in the tea. It makes for an elegant brew, with a thick, rich body.

Wuyi Mt. Fujian, China

Oxidation level:

Tasting notes:
Elegant, Fruity, Floral

Brewing method: 
Gaiwan    6g per 100ml    98℃    45, 60, 70s steeps
Western   5g per 300ml   98℃    3-minute steep

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