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Blissful Moon

Blissful Moon

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Get 12% off now from now until 15 September 2020!

We’ve selected a few treasured teas pressed into chocolate-shaped tea bars and packaged in a hand-polished wooden box for you to share with your loved ones this year. 

With designs inspired by the traditional patterns of oriental window lattices, this beautiful gift epitomises the beauty of craftsmanship. Each tea continues to get better with age, so you and your loved ones can enjoy them as quickly or slowly as you like.

UPDATES: Due to shipment delay, the MAF collection would be sent 23 September onwards.  We provide free delivery / pick-up in-store option.

Box Set includes:
1x White Peony Tea Bar 90g 
1x Yunnan Moonlight White Tea Bar 90g
1x Classic Ripe Puerh Tea Bar 90g
1x Gushu Sun-dried Black Tea Bar 90g

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