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teaLETTER: Journey through Tea…

Dear Tea Buddy 

Welcome to our second issue! (If you haven't subscribed to our teaLETTER, click here for more details)

Although it's our second, I see it more as the “real” first issue as it is one where we start to get serious about our teas. This month we explore freshly harvested Spring teas from the past two months, with a selection from India, Taiwan, and China. Some teas require time for the “roastiness” to die down before it can be consumed, as you will see later in cases of rock teas for example, but the teas in this selection are all mild enough to be consumed immediately, and perfectly light and fragrant for the onset of summer! 

As I start to think about these teas my mind also starts to drift into memories of the travels I’ve done in order to reach these often faraway destinations. And in this extremely uncertain time for travel, I find myself yearning even more for exotic lands and peoples that often make up so much of the character of the teas they grow. Just as they say with wine, the “terroir” - the complete natural environment including soil, topography, climate, and farming practices -  can play a role in how the eventual tea turns out.  All these elements are closely tied with the culture of the land. 

It is therefore my belief that you cannot truly understand a tea without really appreciating the culture and stories of the people who make it - and that is my excuse for traveling. That is my excuse to strike conversations with strangers, to allow myself to be invited into villagers’ homes for meals, or to take overnight buses to the middle of nowhere. It is this open mind that allows you to find the best teas, and to savour the best journeys. So please humour me and allow your thoughts to roam free to these strange new worlds while you sip tea. 

Enjoy your first tea journey!

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