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Offer: Free pot of tea & Tea Tasting experience until 15 Oct!

Good news! We've offering lots of freebies and discounts from now until 15 October 2021!

We now accept Alipay, Tap&Go and Octopus at our Teahouse, and Tap&Go online, so you can spend your consumption vouchers on fulfilling your tea wish list! 



Spending ideas 

Here are some ideas on what to buy to get all the great discounts and freebies on offer!

1. Matcha Set (Save HK$150)

  • First Flush Driftwood Matcha 20g (HK$158)
  • Matcha Starter Kit by Ippodo (HK$680)
  • Small Tea Tray by Xiyan (HK$480)

HK$1318 = HK$1168 + a free pot of tea 

Matcha tea set | Plantation by teakha

2. Glass Teaware Set (Save HK$500)

  • Handmade Glass Gaiwan (HK$430)
  • Glass Tea Pitcher - Eagle's Beak (HK$420)
  • Glass Tea Cups - Plum Blossom x4 (HK$120x4)
  • Glass Tea Canister - Acorn (HK$228)
  • Tea Tray by Xiyan (HK$480)

= HK$2038 = HK$1538 + a free pot of tea + a free tea tasting for two


3. Tea Learning Kit (Save HK$500)

  • teaCLUB membership - 3 months (HK$900)
  • Eighty Degrees Magazine Bundle (HK$864)
  • White Ceramic Gaiwan Set (HK$360)

= HK$2124 = HK$1624 + a free pot of tea + a free tea tasting for two

4. Japanese Tea Set (Save HK$500)

  • Jou Netto Gyokuro Green Tea - 50g (HK$175)
  • Kaikado Tea Canister - 40g (HK$1380)
  • Tea Infuser & Cup Set by Kanaami-Tsuji (HK$768)

= HK$2323 = HK$1823 + a free pot of tea + a free tea tasting for two


5. Artisan Teaware Set & Shelf (Save HK$1000)

  • Xuni Teaware Set by Jiang Li Qiang: Gaiwan, Pitcher and 4 Tea Cups (HK$2580)
  • Kaikado Tea Canister - 200g (HK$1780)
  • Handmade Bamboo Curio Shelf (HK$900)
= HK$5260 = HK$4260 + a free pot of tea + a free tea tasting for two + a free ceramic Phoenix Tea Canister


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