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Did you know: Shou Puerh is a Hong Kong invention!

Did you know: Shou Puerh is a Hong Kong invention

While fermented tea has been around for centuries, the type of Shou Puerh you’re drinking now emerged in the 1960s when Puerh-loving Hong Kongers found a way of speeding up the fermentation process by storing their Sheng Puerh cakes in basements or seaside warehouses with very high humidity, so they could enjoy the flavour of a 30-year-aged tea sooner.

It was so popular that factories started experimenting with ways to ferment the tea faster, in a controlled environment. Yunnan tea producers picked up fermentation tips from black tea producers in Liu Bao, Guangxi, and adapted them to suit Puerh’s unique microbial ecology, ending up with the wonderfully rich, earthy, creamy brew we love today.

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